Preschool Home Educational Resources

While students are advised to stay home and our administration to work remotely, we are going to do our best to provide preschool home educational resources. We thank you for your patience and support.

For as long as they are needed, our compilation of preschool distance learning resources includes an alphabet sound chart, handwriting exercises, mathematics worksheets, a fun name worksheet, and parental support info.

Here are the individual downloadable PDFs:

Alphabet Sound Chart

Do you have a youngster who is just now starting to learn letters and the alphabet? Download and print this colorful, practical sheet that helps them sound out individual letters. Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by a real-life, full-color example of a product, company, or everyday item. The sheet includes modern-day companies such as Nickelodeon, Google, and Verizon, so your child recognizes them easily as he or she grows up.

Fun Mathematics Worksheets

Ready to dive into some numbers-related fun? This grouping of worksheets is perfect for preschoolers ages two through five, with developmentally oriented activities for each. Engage with your child as she or he counts numbers out loud, builds numbered block towers or trains, sorts items by their attribute, and creates complex patterns.

Handwriting Help

Provide your child with all the handwriting practice he or she needs with our convenient letter writing practice sheets. Complete with 20 traceable letters per sheet, this preschool home educational resource allows kids to get familiar with writing each letter. Each letter comes with a real-world picture example, encouraging your preschooler to sound out the letter in the context of a word.

About my Name Fun

There’s no better way to encourage creativity and expressive thinking than with a personal name worksheet! With this resource, your son or daughter gets to write down their name in different ways and practice drawing a picture of something that starts with their name’s first letter. This exercise promotes autonomy, identification of variables, and creativity.

Support for Parents: COVID-19 Special Edition

When a pandemic strikes and life as usual is temporarily upended, it’s challenging and stressful knowing how to adapt. Thankfully, we have the perfect home-based educational, health, and safety resource sheet. Check out the above PDF for practical and simple recommendations for home learning, physical and mental health, play and relaxation, and helping others in need.

Have specific questions about how we’re helping our Phoenix, AZ, communities adapt? Contact us here.

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