International Admission

8 CFR 214.3: Our Skyline Preschool school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

The school focuses specifically on success and achievement in Academics, Athletics and the Arts. Our International Program authorizes F-1 Visa 9-12 High School students to attend for one academic year.

Although we review and accept all international students as part of our program, we have specialized Basketball Leadership Academy that allows our students to have a unique one on one training, team training and elite basketball experience preparing them for post-secondary play in basketball. Along with leadership training, our Athletic Academic Dean focuses on bridging the gap to university level sports through understanding of NCAA and NAIA rules within the United States of America, academic development (including tutoring), overall player development, SAT/ACT preparation, introductions and support when applying to universities and communicating with scouts. We offer housing support and cultural integration for those looking for a more holistic experience outside of education and sport. We are a true one stop shop for those looking to develop as a well-rounded student athlete ready to go to the next level.

Begin by reviewing the Guidelines for Skyline Preschool International students. Apply by reviewing the international guidelines and following the International enrollment process. We encourage families to submit all documentation via email to our Academic Dean and Registrar. Our Academic Dean will be in contact with you regarding your submission status and an approval timeline. Please Email pr@skylineschools.com.

International Students should visit our Skyline Preschool school to learn more, and apply. This is currently our the only school in the Skyline Education system which accepts international students – more schools coming soon!

We invite you to visit our Skyline Preschool school or call 1 (877) 225-2118 for further information.

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