Arts and College-Prep Charter Schools in Greater Phoenix, AZ

Skyline Schools, Inc. is a group of 501(c)3 arts and college-prep charter schools in Greater Phoenix, AZ, where every child has an individualized, quality opportunity to succeed academically. For over two decades, our passionate leaders, dedicated staff, enthusiastic parents, and vibrant communities have helped us flesh out this multidimensional resource for children of all ages.

We’re thrilled to share that Skyline Education has become a state-recognized entity, not only for producing academically successful students but with our athletic programs, team spirit, and committed teachers. To learn more about our individual arts and college-prep charter schools, read the below snippets and click on a school’s link for detailed info.

  • South Phoenix Campus Preschool (SPPS)
    Our South Phoenix Campus Preschool is one of Skyline’s two preschools and provides dozens of three, four, and five-year-olds with foundational learning skills. It resides just outside South Mountain Park and Forest Preserve, which also offers countless outdoor exploration and learning opportunities.
  • South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy K-4
    South Phoenix Prep & Arts is one of our two elementary charter schools and is located in the same complex as other Skyline buildings.
  • South Valley Prep & Arts School 5-8
    As our only school dedicated to junior high-age students, South Valley Prep & Arts gives students grades 5 through 8 opportunities to discover their learning strengths and master new subjects.
  • Skyline Prep High School 9-12
    One of our three schools that accept high-school-aged students is Skyline Prep High School. The student body here is known in particular for its athletic excellence and sportsmanship.
  • Chandler Preschool
    As our second of two preschools, our Chandler campus offers parents location flexibility in where their children attend school. Both of our preschools run 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and year-round, offering support to double-income households, single mothers, and everyone in-between.
  • Vector Prep and Arts Chandler (K – 6)
    Our second elementary school, Vector Prep & Arts, educates students from kindergarten through 6th grade. Offering the same family-like energy and passion for excellence our entire network is known for, this school is great for families in the Chandler area.
  • AZ Compass Prep School Chandler (7-12)
    Arizona Compass Prep is our combined middle and high school in the greater Chandler area. Known for our thriving national basketball team and integrated learning approaches, this school is passionate and hardworking.
  • Skyline Gila River (5 – 12)
    Located in the suburbs of Chandler, AZ, not far from San Tan Mountain Regional Park, Gila River’s student body comprises both middle and high school students.
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